Julie FPP(3)Day 1 as a blogger Who would have thought? Not me, I have tried journal-ling before, I believe 3 days is all I have ever completed. I could never find anything “interesting” or “insightful” enough to record. So why now? I am a fitness trainer and a marathoner I recently decided to complete an Iron Man Triathlon, not a huge deal these days, in my opinion, but the stats say only about 0.001% of people will do an Ironman – I also have another challenge, besides being a 48-year-old female who came into the fitness arena later in life (late 30’s) I am also 1 handed I am missing my left hand and forearm (from about 1 inch below elbow) from a congenital amputation in other words I was born with only 1 hand.

I have been getting some press on my quest for the Iron man and some have suggested I blog about my training……. so, here goes!

I plan on taking you through my training as I experience it, as well as sharing and inviting you to share other stories of determination, health, fitness and happiness.


Everyone has excuses as to why they “can’t” do something I try, and encourage you to find reasons to try things you “think” you can’t.

My official Iron Man Training will not start until after I finish my next Marathon (April 9, 2016) until then I will cross train with swimming and cycling.- So now I am off to the pool to get some laps in before I return to work.

Thanks and have a Fantastic Day

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