You are too old, fat, handicapped to do an Iron Man- NOT!

Yesterday I was running my 15 mile training run and was pretty much “done” at mile 12. But my last mile I spotted the Iron-Man tattoo on the calf of the guy running right in front of me. I caught up to him and told him I liked his tattoo. Turns out he got it after he ran his first Iron man in Louisville 2013.  I was excited- since this was my planned debut into the triathlete arena.  


His health journey started during a visit to his doctor- He shared with his doctor that he wanted to ultimately run a marathon. His Doctor told him that he couldn’t do it- that it would ruin his body. That pretty much ticked my new friend off and he and his wife started eating healthier and working out- between them, they lost over 150 pounds. Not only did he complete a marathon- but he completed his first ever marathon DURING the Iron-man. He has now done over 18 marathons, 10 ultra marathons and 3 Iron-man. He and his wife have found a love for running trails and staying healthy. 

His story and mine have several parallels, including the fact our “get healthy” journeys both started with our Doctor telling us either we couldn’t do something or that it was normal and OK to gain weight as we get older.  On a yearly visit to my gynecologist I  shared with him my concern that every year I came my weight increased- gradually but consistently. He told me basically not to worry as we age we gain weight (I was around 40 at the time, and at least 20 pounds overweight)  This pissed me off so much that I decided to show him!- I started weight watchers and added longer distance running and dropped the pounds, fat and excuses. What I hope he would do today to that same type of concern is-ask  “tell me about your activity level?”  ” What is your nutrition like?” At  least get to know the lifestyle  of the person first. We already have so many excuses not to be healthy- we do not another one given to us my our health care professional. 

First picture is me in 2009- 41 years old, 2nd picture is 2014 when I was 46 after my 50 miler




My point is listen to your Doctor but don’t let anyone limit you. You can achieve almost anything you put your mind, body and soul in- and if you do not- at least you tried.


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